Are you a Multi Academy Trust? - turn IT on

turn IT on works in partnership with many Multi Academy Trusts providing a range of value added services and recognising your economy of scale to provide unparalleled value for money for our high quality service.

A partnership with turn IT on offers Multi Academy Trusts a range of ongoing benefits including free of charge curriculum consultancy support, financial savings on support services across the Trust and a central rebate on all IT installations and orders placed by your academies.

In addition, ICT progress and development can be planned strategically between turn IT on, the Trust and your academies with the development of a three year strategic ICT plan. Collaborative planning ensures consistency across multiple sites enabling each academy to adhere to the same technical and curriculum standards. The ICT plan can include multi-site solutions, disaster recovery procedures, security policies, curriculum policy and training.

Our turn IT on ‘Discover’ network solution enables groups of schools to seamlessly communicate with each other. Not only are staff able to use a single username and login no matter which school they are at but their desktop experience and files are also identical.


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