Local Authorities - turn IT on

Shrinking budgets, difficulties around staff recruitment and retention and increasing academisation is making many Local Authorities consider a review of the range of services they continue to deliver to schools.

turn IT on recognises the ongoing importance of the local relationship between a Local Authority and its schools. We work in partnership with a number of Local Authorities, recognising your economy of scale to provide unparalleled value for money for our high-quality range of services, including ICT, MIS and Curriculum Support.

For example, we provide our Capita Accredited SIMS and FMS support on behalf of a number of Local Authorities to their maintained schools via a Facilities Management agreement. This gives schools access to our highly cost-effective MIS support with our experienced team of fully Capita accredited SIMS and FMS experts having many years of experience of working in schools and Local Authorities.

As part of our partnership approach with Local Authorities we will offer you a range of benefits when working with turn IT on including:


  • Financial Savings on our range of support services reflecting your economy of scale.


  • Free of charge Curriculum Support to be used collaboratively across your schools. This can be used for planning, model lessons, team teaching and curriculum and software training.


  • Multi-site Solutions, disaster recovery procedures and security policies can be developed in a consistent way across your schools through a three year strategic ICT School Development Plan.

Our turn IT on ‘Discover’ network solution enables groups of schools to seamlessly communicate with each other. Not only are staff able to use a single username and login no matter which school they are at but their desktop experience and files are also identical.


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