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Devices, Training and Tenancy MOT 

Transform your classroom and discover the power of combining 1:1 devices with Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and a reliable package of apps. This programme is ideal for elevating the classroom and reshaping your teaching environment to improve outcomes and achieve a more diverse educational landscape.

If your school is ready to take advantage of this scheme, verify your school email and sign up or send us an email for more information.

Shape the Future

We believe that providing your students with a platform that can grow with them is critical to long-term success and career-readiness. Shape the Future allows schools to access affordable devices and deploy Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 throughout education. turn IT on in partnership with Microsoft is proud to offer access to affordable devices to any qualifying primary or secondary school. These devices can be used by administrators, teachers, and students. The Windows platform can support learners of all ages and abilities with the power to run both lightweight and robust programmes.

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For Educators

Shape the Future with turn IT on allows qualifying schools to purchase devices with discounted Windows licenses from Microsoft. By registering for the programme, and establishing your institution’s eligibility, you will be qualified to purchase from turn IT on at the Shape the Future discounted prices. Any school with a valid UK school email address is eligible to access devices via this programme.

Get Started

Getting started with Shape the Future is simple! You can start by verifying your school email address and registering for the programme. For more information or help with this please contact us.

Devices For Your School

Microsoft and turn IT on believe everyone should have access to affordable education devices. Shape the Future with turn IT on can help you find an easy-to-manage device with a range of features and functionality and all within your budget. Implementing 1:1 devices is a solution for schools to create more accessible and inclusive classrooms, create higher pupil engagement and reduce teacher workload. All of which will produce better outcomes for both students and teachers. And rest assured, our Shape the Future devices are sturdy​ with great battery life​, cost-effective and offer superb value for money. Selected devices are available for upfront purchase, or the cost can be spread across 3-year termly payments.

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Continued Professional Development

We want you to get the most out of your devices so we are offering free support and training when you purchase multiple units. Every set of 30 devices will be accompanied by a half-day of on-site or remote support involving a session of professional development. This session will be focused on using Microsoft Teams to achieve better classroom outcomes. This professional development is tailored to you and your school, so it could be focused on a group of teachers, the whole school or a potential staff digital leader, the choice is yours!

Office 365 Tenancy MOT​

Every set of 30 devices will be accompanied by O365 tenancy review. This ensures all staff and students are set up correctly with the appropriate permissions. In addition, we will set up the Microsoft Team for the teacher that will be using the devices with their class.

Transform the Classroom with Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and 1:1 Devices

We would love for you to take a look at the videos below as they showcase the true potential that 1:1 Devices, Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 can bring to education.

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