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One Week Accelerated Teams Adoption Service


We have developed a One Week Accelerated Teams Adoption Service for primary schools. This service is for primary schools that either have Office 365 and have not yet started to use Microsoft Teams or those primary schools that have taken on a limited rollout of Microsoft Teams. The service combines our deep technical understanding of the Office 365 platform, MIS synchronization and our many years of experience working alongside school leadership implementing impactful change management.


The service will ensure that:


  • School Leadership have a clear understanding of the Microsoft Teams offer and develop a vision for how it can be used in their school, both short, medium and long term
  • Safeguarding and security have been accounted for in the technical design
  • A permanent link is created between the school MIS system and Office 365 (SIMs and Integris only) – to save many hours of management time in the future
  • All staff are trained how to use Microsoft Teams for communication and for remote learning
  • The school has access to ongoing Microsoft Teams and Office 365 support ensuring that staff are supported throughout the change and ongoing.

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE)


Our Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Programme focuses on the Office 365 suite of applications and tools (from a teaching and learning perspective) and is designed to fit in around the busy schedules of school teachers and leaders. Sessions are online and run from the end of January through to June, culminating in an application and hopefully qualification as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. For a full overview and a summary of each session click here.


The programme is free and designed to help, guide and support:


  • Teachers that want to lead on the use of technology at their schools
  • Teachers that are looking for a professional qualification from Microsoft
  • Teachers that are looking for a leadership role in their school
  • Teachers that want to connect with educators from around the world
  • Teachers that want to get the most from Office 365 technology to improve pupil engagement and reduce workload
  • Teachers that want to take the first step towards making their school a Microsoft Showcase school
  • Teachers that want an inspiring year for them, their students and their school.

I joined the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Programme with turn IT on and it put together all the best parts of Microsoft 365 for educators. The course was absolutely brilliant because it was all so relevant to what we were doing. I loved it and I would recommend it to anybody!

Rebecca Halcrow, Year 5 Teacher, St Andrews Oxford


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