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Our Team

We have a fantastic team full of dedicated and talented individuals. Our diverse team is made up of several experienced Regional Managers, IT Network Managers, MIS consultants, Strategic Account Managers, Data Protection experts, HR team, School Development Managers, Service Desk support, Procurement Executives and ICT consultants across 7 regions and 1,000 schools around the UK. Our range of expertise is reflected in our teams’ multiple skills and achievements and makes us the ideal choice for when working with schools.

Directors & Managers

Tom Welch – Managing Director

Chris Wild – Commercial Director

Sally Bannister – HR & Finance Director

Tom Watson- Operations Director

Michelle Peace – Service Desk Manager

Tom Magawly – Service Delivery

Regional Team Managers

Mike Goodsir – London North

Anna Fitzgerald – London South & West

Ben Hart – London East & Kent

Tim Hart – South East Central

Christopher Woodward – East

Jayson Williams – South Central

Phil Jones – South East

School Development

Mark Jenkins – East

Thomas Townsend – East & South East Central

Matt Reader – London

Rochelle Benoist – South Central

Gavin Blackshire – South East & South East Central

Alex Holloway – London


Jen Brookbank – Procurement Manager

Emily Egerton – London

Rebecca Williams – South & Renewals

Kirsty Browne – Key Accounts

MIS Team

Catherine Boyce – MIS Support Manager

MIS Accounts & Contracts Officer

Senior MIS Consultants

MIS Help Desk & Training Coordinator

MIS Consultants

HR & Finance

Sally Banister – HR & Finance Director

Rachael Walsh-Grant – Recruitment

HR Advisors

HR Assistant

Finance Sales & Purchase

Payroll & Accounts

South East Central

The South East Central team has over 20 members who support schools across the area.


The London team has almost 60 members who support schools all across the area.


The East team has over 20 members who support local schools across the area.

South Central

The South Central team has around 13 members who support local schools across the area.

South East

The South East team has almost 20 members who support local schools across the area.

Data Protection

Martin Long – Head of Data Protection

Data Protection Helpdesk Consultant

Data Protection Consultant

Service Desk

Michelle Peace – Service Desk Manager

Senior Schools Support Specialists

School Support Consultants

Customer Support Assistant

This provides an example of the company structure and does not include all current employees


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