September 26, 2013 12:54 pm

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Turn IT On Oxford consultants receive ‘Decoding the Computing Curriculum’ training

Lynn Brittain, one of our teaching consultants in Oxfordshire, today delivered to our other Oxford consultants the ‘Decoding the Computing Curriculum’ training session which we are running for our schools in the coming weeks.

Tom Magawly, one of the Oxford consultants who received the training, said that, as a technical consultant, it was “great to get more of an idea about what the new Computing curriculum involves. Lynn’s approach to the different curriculum strands was really clear and easy to digest, and she showed us innovative ways of teaching tricky concepts like networking by using envelopes to demonstrate how data travels through the internet”.

Tom says, “I now feel confident in recommending interesting bits of free software to teachers, like Light-bot for programming. I think the training will appeal to teachers because it will provide them with more confidence in interpreting the new curriculum and ideas of how to implement it in lessons.”

If you are interested in attending our ‘Decoding the Computing Curriculum’ training which will be held soon in an area local to you please email  to book a place or to find out more.






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