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December Turn IT On curriculum newsletter

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Curriculum Newsletter


December 2013

Volume 3, Issue 4

 Top 5 …..

..Christmas activities. 


1. Build a star

Create a start using a logo program such as Textease Turtle, MSW Logo, Probots.  Investigate how stars are constructed and many different types you can make.  Make them more interesting by changing the pen colour or drawing stars on top of stars. Kent Trust have some starting points.  

2. Create a Christmas animation

Use Scratch to create a Christmas animation.  Make the lights on your tree flash, have presents zoom around the screen and add music as well.  The variations are limitless but these instructions should get you started.

3. Christmas algorithm 

Decorate your Christmas tree exactly as instructed.  Then create own algorithm/instructions for others to follow. Check a friend’s to make sure it is correct (debugging).

4. Santa’s finances

Create a spreadsheet to work out how much it costs for Santa to deliver his Christmas presents. 

5. Modern Christmas story

Rewrite your own version of the Christmas story with a modern twist.  This will show their knowledge of understanding of the use of IT equipment in the real world.  Use PowerPoint, PhotoStory 3 or Book Creator to present their story with photos and sounds they have put together for it.  


…. Christmas Jumper Day – 13th December


Save the Children want to make the world a better place by wearing a Christmas jumper to raise money. 

Why not …

  • Design your own Christmas jumper by colouring in squares on a spreadsheet.  Change the cell size to row height 15 and column width to 2.5.
  • Go to the Save the Children’s website to find out about the work they do around the world.  Find the countries on Google Earth and then do some research on those countries. 
  • Sign up on the Christmas Jumper Day website and get their free knitting patterns.  Use a spreadsheet to work out how much it would cost to make a jumper, factoring in how long it might take to make it and how much someone might be paid by the hour.  If you were to sell it a profit how much would you sell it for?  

Next month celebrate Big School’s Birdwatch – 20th January – 14th February

Visit Santa

Why not take a visit to the North Pole to see what Santa and his elves are up to.  There is a variety of activities including Disco Dancing Santa, games, stories and you can send Santa a letter and collect the reply from their mailroom.   

iPad Apps of the month


Christmas Card Maker

Design your own Christmas card with a choice of backgrounds and images.  


Light the Christmas Tree

Connect the all the lights with the wires to turn them on.  When all the lights are connected the star at the top of the tree will light up. 

KS1 – Festive Pictogram

Use the lesson below with a Christmas twist.  Create pictograms and graphs using a Christmas theme. 

Where to find the lesson:

KS1 Lessons – Numeracy – Representing Data – Chocolate Data

KS2 – Wrapping Paper

 Use the lesson below with a Christmas twist.  Children can create their own Christmas gift wrap with a repetitive design.

Where to find the lesson:

KS2 Lessons – History – Victorians – William Morris Wallpaper Designs. 

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