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April Turn IT On Curriculum Newsletter

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Curriculum Newsletter

April 2014

Volume 3, Issue 8

 Top 5 …..

..great ICT ideas for PSHE

 1. Create your own comic strip

Use Comic LifeChogger(free), Kar2ouche or 2 Publish+ to create your own comic strip representing real life scenarios. Children can either draw pictures or use their own photographs to depict different situations. This can then have speech bubbles and text to publish their own comic strip. Why not create a whole class book? 

2. All about me

Find out more about the children in your class, their hobbies, likes, and dislikes using wordle. The wordle can be edited by changing the design, font, colour and size. Make sure Java is installed before using this program, if you are unsure speak to your Turniton technician.

3. Mood Music

Use a music program to create sounds for specific moods and feelings. Children can share their work and discuss or guess what each sound is representing.   

4. Would you rather?

Using this PowerPoint from Primary Resources as a stimulus, children can create their thought provoking questions. This could be achieved using PowerPoint or prezi (log in required). They can share this with the rest of the class for a discussion

5. BBC Schools

Links to a range of different resources are available on the BBC Schools website. These include radio programmes, class clips and flash activities. 



…. Shakespeare’s 450th  Birthday 23rd April

  • World Book Night is a celebration of reading that is held on April 23rd to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday. 
  • Shakespeare’s Globe has a range of activities online to find out more about Shakespeare.
  • Shakespeare Week is a website that has  lots of cross curricular activities to try. 
  • Use images from the National Portrait Gallery’s website to describe what type of person they think Shakespeare might have been just by looking at his picture. 
  • Mash up Shakespeare’s poems with a hip hop song using the free Poetry Creator app. 
  • Create your own Shakespeare play using the Pollocks Toy Theatre app.

Next month celebrate World Fair Trade Day – 10th May 2014 

Computing Keyword Posters 

Pete Dring has posted these posters on the CAS website.  There is a poster for 10 words relevant to the new 2014 computing curriculum…….. 

iPad Apps of the month



An app that enables you to customise a character and background.  You can then record your voice or type a message for your character.  This could be used for emotions or difficult situations in PSHE.


Comic Life £2.99

Everything you need to create your own comic; speech bubbles, lettering, templates, shadows, effects or be the star yourself. 

KS1 – Easter Story

Find information on a website and use this to create a presentation. Format fonts and backgrounds, and add slide transitions and sound commentary.

Where to find the lesson:

KS1 Lessons – RE – Festivals and Celebrations – The Easter Story

KS2 – Talking Portraits

Insert images of double portraits into Word, considering the relationships between characters and adding thought or speech bubbles to the picture.

Where to find the lesson:

KS2 Lessons – Art – Portraying Relationships and Viewpoints – Talking Portraits

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