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E-safety resources from our CEOP ambassador

CEOPAndras Sebestyen is one of our teaching consultants in London and he has become Turn IT On’s first CEOP ambassador. In this role he has demonstrated his knowledge of educating young people in such e-safety subjects as:

  • The nature of online offending against children
  • How offenders use the online environment
  • How young people use the internet and mobile technology
  • Risk-taking online behaviour of young people, including digital footprints and sexting
  • School and organisational responses and policy in this area

Andras has recently been putting this knowledge to good practice during e-safety training sessions at various primary schools in London. Turn IT On e-safety training can be aimed at pupils, teachers or parents or a mixture of the three. Andras and our curriculum team can provide a range of resources appropriate for each type of audience and key stage.

Part of Andras’ mission and a large element of his training to teachers is to ensure schools see e-safety as an every-day safety matter, just like stranger danger or learning to cross the road. He argues e-safety should be taught in a cross-curricular manner, not just in one-off blocks, by all teachers who should have adequate knowledge of the subject to feel confident delivering it.

Below are some of the resources used within the training sessions:

 Adventure to the unknown

A great interactive map with embedded video clips delivered to whole school assemblies. Highlights codes of conduct, the real-life dangers of the digital world and ways to recognise and report abuse.


The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin

For younger KS1 children: join in with Daddy Penguin’s song and follow the adventures of Smartie and Daddy Penguin as Smartie learns how to be safe on the internet.






To book e-safety training at your school or for advice as to your e-safety strategy please email us.

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