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Oxfordshire email migrations

If you are a member of staff in an Oxfordshire school it is likely your email system migration has already happened or will take place very soon. We’ve put together a quick need-to-know guide for you and contact details if you would like to discuss the situation.

Please take a moment to take a look and get in touch if you would like to speak to someone about the process.

Why are email migrations happening in Oxfordshire schools?

OCN (Oxfordshire’s local authority) is no longer hosting their ‘’ domain and so all Oxfordshire schools must revert to using ‘’ email addresses.

How will Turn IT On support my school’s email migration?

OCN is not migrating any data from the old email systems, so when your school receives a migration date from OCN your Turn IT On ICT consultant will be scheduled to visit your school within the following days.

Your consultant will move across all your staff’s existing mail, if they should want it. Your consultant will also be on hand to help set up your school’s email system, such as adding or deleting users.

How will my school benefit once we’ve been migrated?

After your migration, your school will be responsible for administering its own email system. This means you will have more overall control of the accounts registered on your school’s domain and can make changes instantly. All this can be supported by your Turn IT On consultant; we can even provide training or documentation should you require it.

If your school has OVS/EES Microsoft licensing, your pupils will each be entitled to five free downloads of Office 2013 after your school’s migration. This will enable access to the increased functionality of the full version of Office 365 which includes additional apps and new ways in which to communicate and share documents.

When is the deadline for all migrations to have happened?

Yesterday OCN released a statement explaining the project has been delayed, but that all schools should be migrated before the new academic year. This means that the project will continue throughout the summer and during weekends.

If your school has not yet been migrated you will be receiving your switchover date from OCN within the next few days. Turn IT On will be attempting to accommodate these dates in its scheduling of consultants over the coming months. You will receive information from us in due course about this timeframe.

Who’s the best person to contact with questions?

All members of the Turn IT On Oxfordshire team of consultants have experience of the email migrations so please feel free to speak to your consultant  with any queries. Alternatively, please email either Matthew Penfold or Tom Watson.

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