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Next week is World Space Week

On Sunday 4th October World Space Week 2015 begins, running until the 10th . In 1999 the General Assembly declared the week to be an annual celebration of the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition and since then the week has grown into the largest annual space event in the world.

This year’s World Space Week theme is ‘Discovery’, celebrating the exciting discoveries in space that are teaching us lots about our origins and our future. We have never learnt as much about the universe as we have in past decade and with the constant developments in technology we will continue to make new discoveries so it’s a very exciting time to be getting involved and learning about space.

Whilst World Space Week is happening there are many ways you could bring the theme of space discovery into the classroom, activities that could be undertaken by children in a range of subject areas and for all ages. Exploring Google Earth is a way to utilise and explain the technology in space whilst exploring the planet we live on. Building space models and space themed art work is a fun way to decorate classrooms whilst learning about space, there are templates and ideas available here to help you create satellites and spacecraft. Space quizzes are a fun way to teach the children about space terminology and find out what they have learnt, NASA space place has a range of games and activities, both online and suited for in the classroom.

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