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September Turn IT On curriculum newsletter

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Curriculum Newsletter

September 2013

Volume 3, Issue 1

 Top 5 …..

..ways to get to know your class using computing.


1. Create Self Portraits

Use artisancam to create abstract self portraits for KS2 or use the me maker for KS1 children where they can also add their age and favourite foods.  Print them out for a display of your new class – and why not include yourself too!

2. Expectations for the year

Use Wordle for the children to write up their expectations for the year, or for words which describe how everyone in the class wants to feel about the year.

3. Where are you from? 

Use Google maps to locate where each child or their families are from.  Add a photograph of the child to the location.  Alternatively you could find out where the children went on holiday this year.

4. Blockbusters

Get to know your children using the blockbuster game board.  To cross the board each team must describe themselves using the letters and explain why they’ve used that word.

5. QR Codes

Children can write information about themselves and link this to a QR code.  These could be displayed in the classroom and maybe next to the self portrait or Google maps from above.  If a child wants to find something out about that person they could use a phone, iPad or the webcam from a laptop to scan the QR code.


…. The Dahlicious Dress Up Day – 27th September

Save the date for a Dahlicious day of dressing up as your favourite Roald Dahl character and raising money to help seriously ill and disabled children.

A whole variety of resources can be found at the charity’s website such as …..

  • Posters and letters to advertise the day
  • Literacy, drama, maths, art and science experiments.  Can the children explain the science of popping candy for Mr Willy Wonka?
  • Fancy dress costume ideas and instructions such as instructions as how to make a beard like Mr Twits

         Next month celebrate National Baking Week – 14th – 20th October

Get out the Beebots!

The new computing curriculum has a greater emphasis on programming so why not get out those Beebots and give them a facelift.  Kent ICT have lots of different resources to spice up your Beebots (just keep on scrolling down the page and you’ll find them).  Why not turn them into an aeroplane and find out where your children have been during this summer.

iPad Apps of the month

Paid For


Create your own musical masterpieces with this app. You can choose from a variety of instruments to play.  It also has the ability for up to 4 people to collaborate on the same track with their own devices.  



Become the next Picasso or Rembrandt with this painting app. It has a simple design and professional results. You can modify the brush size, choose different colours, overlap images, make backgrounds, choose different types of brushes and paint directly onto your screen with just your finger!

KS1 – Clowning around

Investigating facial expressions and feelings by painting a clown’s face onto a digital image.

Where to find the lesson:

KS1 Lessons – Art – Self Portraits – Clowning Around

KS2 – Drawing Flags


This lesson has lots of information about the symbolism of flags.  Instead of copying a national flag the children could research and design their own flag.

Where to find the lesson:

KS2 Lessons – Geography – Passport to the world – Drawing Flags

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