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November Turn IT On curriculum newsletter

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Curriculum Newsletter

November 2013

Volume 3, Issue 3

 Top 5 ….. resources to use in Science.


1. What’s that sound?

Record different sounds (children may be able to do this at home as a homework activity).  Play them back and try to work out what they are. The sounds could also be presented in a PowerPoint or prezi.

2. Circuit World

Children can build and test their own circuits online using either pictures of components or the appropriate symbols in Circuit World.  These could then be printed out and made using real components. KS1 children can play a fun electricity game here.

3. Planets – Bar graph maker

This Bar graph maker from TES iboards allows the children to scroll through the planets and click the arrow to add them to the graph. Planets can be graphed on a variety of data. Switch between the graphs and change the scale to suit the data. 

4. Living Islands: Live

Bringing the fascinating lives of the puffin and other seabirds into your classroom from the island of Alderney.  With it’s trail in summer 2013 Living islands is all set to run again in summer 2014 but there are only 200 places for schools who would like to join in.  Once registered, there are lots of cross curricular resources, live web chats, blogs and the 24/7 island webcams.

5. BP Science Resources

BP Educational Services   have put together a selection of videos, PowerPoint presentations, online activities and worksheets to teach electricity, forces and materials, as well as scientific enquiry.    


…. Road Safety Week – 18th -24th November

Run a variety of road safety activities to keep your children safer on the roads.  There are lots of ideas on the Road Safety Week website and you can register for different resource packs with posters and activities.

A whole variety of resources can be found on the Road Safety website such as …..

  • Creating a road safety DVD.
  • Celebrate Beep Beep day with 2-7 year olds
  • Designing posters and banners.
  • Create a highway code quiz for parents.
  • Being bright and being seen activities and discussions.

Next month celebrate Christmas Jumper Day with Save the Children – 13th December

Talk to me!

Office 2010 has an inbuilt text to speech button.  Following instructions from Microsoft you can add the text to speech button to your toolbar so that any highlighted text can be read out.    

iPad Apps of the month

Paid For

Multitouch Maths

Answer the questions with your fingertips. Just hold down your input on the hot spaces to generate the answer. If you hold two fingers on the 10 hot spot your answer will be 20, add two fingers to the 2 hot spot and your answer is 24. 


Hungry Fish

Your fish is hungry for numbers. You can make delicious sums by pinching two numbers together – instant addition! Keep feeding your fish to win a level and unlock new colors and fins. 

KS1 – Classifying Butterflies

Create your own butterflies in Colour Magic, then describe, sort and label them in Textease.

Where to find the lesson:

KS1 Lessons – Science – Variation – Classifying Butterflies

KS2 – How Long is a Day?

 Collect data about changes in sunrise and sunset times in this country and throughout the world. Then use a spreadsheet to calculate day length, looking for patterns in the data and graphing the results.

Where to find the lesson:

KS2 Lessons – Science – Earth, Sun and Moon – How Long is a Day?

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