January 23, 2014 2:04 pm

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Help! Our pupils are revolting!

If we’re being honest, that’s not really the case. To date we haven’t really witnessed any actual pupil revolts. However at Turn IT On we do hear about lots of ‘pupils-teaching-computing-to-the-teacher’ situations occurring in primary schools.

When children are playing online programs like Minecraft and Scratch they are already becoming familiar with programming, algorithms and coding. They already have a considerable head-start. This reversal of knowledge is sometimes a really effective educational tool. We’re all aware of the benefits of the ‘flipped classroom’ model, for example. However, the changes to the new computing curriculum is causing many teachers to worry that they don’t have the time to keep their IT skills up-to-date; especially on top preparing for all the other changes to the new curriculum.

The other issue is the wording of certain strands of the new curriculum. At best it is dry and off-putting; at worst it is downright confusing. Turn IT On’s ‘Decoding the Computing Curriculum’ training sessions are specifically aimed to make sense of these strands; to understand what each of them means in plain English and what implications each will have on your lessons.

We ran a number of sessions last term for teachers in your area and helped to demystify the curriculum, provided resources and assisted lessons planning. Our mission is to ensure all teachers at our schools are brimming with computing confidence, come this September.

This is all part of the Turn IT On curriculum support; available to all schools that already receive our technical support. Over half our staff are ex-teachers and our dedicated curriculum team support our schools at every turn. After all, your ICT equipment may work perfectly but it will just gather dust unless staff are trained and supported in using it effectively.


PS. Raj Panchal is one of the ex-teachers on our staff and he now heads up our curriculum team. He is passionate about teaching ICT and also happens to be super friendly. He’d love to chat with you about your school. If you would like to find out more about the new computing curriculum, or would like to receive a copy of the next training session dates please call Raj on 07856 687936 or email

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