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February Turn IT On curriculum newsletter

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Curriculum Newsletter

February 2014

Volume 3, Issue 6

 Top 10 …..

..great ideas from the BETT show 2014.

 1. Raspberry Pi Classroom Kits

Unsure of how to use your Raspberry Pi in the classroom?  Wishtrac may have the answer.  They have developed units of work giving you full differentiated lesson plans , worksheets and presentations.  They also sell work packs to go with the teaching CD with all the components you need to use your pi for 6 different projects including a buzz wire game and a quiz machine. (Quote BETT14 for a 5% discount until 17th Feb)

2. LearnPad

If you are looking for tablets to use in your classroom then it might be worth giving LearnPads a try.  These android tablets come with learnpad software to make creating lesson content easy for teachers.  The school will need a good infrastructure in place to ensure they work effectively.

3. New goodies from TTS

Lots of remote controlled fun can be had in early years with the set of Rugged Racers or a Wonder bug from TTS.  Or for communication why not try out their mini mobile phones which come in a pack of 6.  Lots of fun items can be found to help cover the new computing curriculum in Foundation and KS1.  

4. Purple Mash 2code

At the BETT show 2simple launched 2code.  At the moment this is only available if you subscribe to Purple Mash and not as a stand alone title.  It is very similar to scratch in the way that you build code using blocks but it could be used as far down as Year 1.  It comes with tutorials for the children to run through as well as a sand box at 4 different levels for them to create their own games.

5. Hue HD Webcam

Great for creating animations the Hue HD Web cam is extremely flexible, small and portable.  The camera is ‘Plug and Play’ and when connected to a laptop and a projector can be used as a visualiser to share work.  It also includes a built in microphone and comes in a range of bright colours. 

6. How to Catch code.

David Whyley a digital learning consultant presented ‘How to catch code‘ in one of the live theatres at the BETT show.  With delegates crowding around the doors to listen we thought you might want to take a look at the slides he used to help explain the new curriculum, including background, resource ideas and helpful links.  

7. NutKase 

Customisable, stylish and functional is what Nutkase say about their tablet and laptop cases. After testing some ourselves we agree that these cases are great.  Schools are able to personalise them Logo’s or names and they include straps for carrying equipment around safely.


Rising Stars have put together a complete Programme of Study for the new Computing Curriculum.  You can buy it by year group or as a whole school resource.  They have triedd to incorporate software that you may already have in school or hardware that is available for free.  Have a look at their unit overview to get an idea for some topics and the software you could use.

9. Espresso coding

Providing step by step lessons and full plans for each activity Espresso have produced their own coding service.  It provides lesson ideas across the primary age range using it’s own block building code.  Probably more useful in the earlier years but worth a look as you can have a free trial until October 31st 2014.

10. Engino Robotos

Fun programmable robots developed by Engino specifically for the primary school classroom. They can be programmed using the main controller or the ERP software.  The kits can be built into a variety of different models which can be programmed to perform different actions.



…. Safer Internet Day – 11th February

This years Safer Internet Day focuses on the creative things that children are doing online and making the internet a safer place to be. 

  • Put together a workshop for parents/governors.  This could include an online survey for them to complete, leaflets, a safer internet video or presentation. 
  • The UK Safer Internet Centre will be streaming a selection of TV programmes throughout the day, why not watch one of them with your class and then follow up with a blog/review about it afterwards.
  • Use Scratch or Kodu to create a game that promotes internet safety.
  • Compile a checklist/poster of what to think about when communicating online.
  • Better Internet Safety for Schools articles
  • E-Safety Education and Training Resources
  • CBBC Stay Safe

Next month celebrate World Maths Day – 12th March


TES have put together a range of exercises to practice spelling, punctuation and grammar in line with the new National Curriculum.  It is costs £9.99 for a year, but there are over 300 exercises split up into age related exercises and subject area.  You can create a shared folder to enable the children to access the exercises via a weblink.   

iPad Apps of the month


Online Safety

Help Garfield’s friend, Nermal, make the right choices about staying safe online. 


Fact or Opinion

Garfield’s friend Fermal is finding it hard to decide between what is fact and what is fiction on the internet. 

KS1 – Representing Data

Gather information about the children’s use of the internet or online devices at home and represent this data on a graph. 

Where to find the lesson:

KS1 Lessons – Numeracy – Representing Data – Our Favourite Foods

KS2 – Informational Brochure

Use a template in Microsoft Publisher to create a brochure to inform parents about E-Safety. 

Where to find the lesson:

KS2 Lessons – Literacy – Non Fiction – Informational Brochure

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