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March Turn IT On curriculum newsletter

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Curriculum Newsletter

March 2014

Volume 3, Issue 7

 Top 5 …..

..ways to use ICT in Religious Education Lessons

 1. Tell a story – Book creation

Re-tell an aspect of religion using some book software such as Book Creator on an iPad, Photostory or publisher.  Have the children take photographs of the different items on a Jewish Sedar plate and explain them in a book. Or to take photographs of items you have in school which are sacred to Christians and detail them in a book format.  Here is an example about Harvest. 

2. Tell a story – animation

The children could script and model or draw characters and scenery to re-tell a religious story using animation.  There are many different examples on you tube to get inspiration from such as the 5 pillars of Islam or the Easter Story.  The class could split  a story into sections and create a section per group, or a TA or parent could take a group at a time to create their masterpiece!

3. Patterns

Use drawing progams to create different religious designs and patterns such as mandalas or mehndi.  These could be created using 2simple, MSWLogo or online using Color Mandala.  Children will need to research into the history of the patterns and the meanings behind them before they start to create their own patterns.

4. Online activities

Children could use the Internet to consolidate what they know using matching activities and other games. Everyschool from Crickweb have a list for both KS1 and KS2 as do Top Marks.

5. Be an architect

Children could design their own religious buildings using a CAD program such as flexiCAD or Google Sketch up.  They would need to research their building of choice to make sure that they include all the different areas needed.  Children could make copies of a local building or design their own modern one.  



…. World Maths Day – 12th March


  • Create a Scratch game for younger children in the school. For instructions on how to create this particular game click here
  • Use a whiteboard app on a tablet to demonstrate how to solve a mathematical problem.  Save and share to refer back to at a later date.
  • Use Wordle or other word art programs using mathematical language.  Try grouping them into mathematical categories ie 3D shapes. 
  • Take part in an online maths challenge with children from around the world. Sumdog is a free website that enables you to do this. 

Next month celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th birthday – 23rd April

Hour of Code

March 3rd – 9th Is The UK Hour of Code.  The idea of this  is to show children how much fun coding can be in just one hour.  The UK Hour of Code website has lots of resources/tutorials for children of all ages to use.  You can also print off certificates for the children that have participated.  

iPad Apps of the month

Paid/Free Lite version

Book Creator

Use book creator to publish books to your ibook shelf.  A simple way for any child to draw pictures or take photographs and then add text to create their own book on any subject.  The Lite version lets you create only 2 books but is a great way to trial the app.


123D Sculpt

Pull, smooth and pinch to sculpt anything you like without getting your hands dirty using 123D sculpt.  

KS1 – Easter Story 2

Finding information on a website and using this to create a presentation by importing pictures, creating text, using appropriate fonts and adding slide transitions and sound commentary

Where to find the lesson:

KS1 Lessons – RE – Festivals and Celebrations – Easter Story 2

KS2 – Islam Style Art

Saving sets of commands as procedures in Imagine Logo to create decorations and patterns. Combining procedures to create more complex patterns

Where to find the lesson:

KS2 Lessons – RE – Islam – Islam Style Art

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