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What to do with the free Raspberry Pi kits? Request a free workshop from Turn IT On.

474px-Raspberry_Pi_Logo.svgIf you signed your school up for an Hour of Code after reading our recent blog post you may have had 20 or more boxes delivered to your school. In each box is a Raspberry Pi, delivered free from Raspberry Pi themselves to each school taking part in the Hour of Code between 3rd and 9th of March.

If you are ready and raring to go, open the box and you will find a small circuit board, which is the Raspberry Pi, a very small computer. Read the official quick start guide to get one connected up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. For best results you will need to use an HDMI input on your monitor, or the more commonly found DVI input and an HDMI to DVI adapter.

You will also need a memory card with an operating system loaded. Read up on how to do this in the Raspberry Pi downloads page.

Once you are set up, students can use the devices to learn code using the tutorials from to get them started.

If you or your primary teaching staff team would like a demonstration training session and workshop at your school, Turn IT On are offering free staff meetings to any primary school in London and the South East.

Request a free staff meeting or a full INSET session at your school today! Call our office now on  01865 597620.

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