April 16, 2014 8:34 am

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See how kids react to old technology!

Take a look at this video which documents how kids react to outdated technology like a Walkman and cassette tapes.

We liked the insight of the young girl who says, “it just amazes me how much technology has changed.” How true; and this was only amplified by the way the kids described the fast-forward button as “Next” and “Skip”.

Have you performed the ‘old technology test’ on your class yet? It may leave you feeling ancient, but it is important that children learn the evolution of technology. It reminds us here at Turn IT On about an anecdote we heard recently about a young child who saw a floppy disc for the first time and said, “Look! It’s like a giant save button!”

No matter how much we progress, the extent to which the future is still rooted in the past is clear. Therefore, children’s contextual knowledge can only benefit from ‘going retro’ for a day and learning how their parents used technology. A good starting point might be asking your class to identify the possible connection between a pencil and a cassette!

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One thought on “See how kids react to old technology!

  1. I gave my eight year old son a Walkman the cassette one he thought it was some sort of new music technology. But when i told him it was from the nineties he just tossed it to one side kids of today lol.

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