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September Turn IT On Curriculum Newsletter

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Curriculum Newsletter

September 2014

Volume 4, Issue 1

 Top 5 …..

..getting to know your class activities.

 1. Guess Who!

Write some numbers or words on a piece of paper.  One for each of your class.  Ask the children to pick a piece of paper and keep what is on it a secret.  Get the children to put together a poster/presentation to describe themselves and what they like to do without mentioning who they are and then save their work, using the number they were given earlier as the file name, on a shared folder on the network or onto a website such as showbie.  Go through the presentations and try and guess who they are about. 

2. Time Capsule

Ask each child to record a video about who they are today and what things they enjoy doing, eating, what music/books they like.  Include something about what they would like to achieve by the end of the year.  Once they are recorded save them somewhere ready to look back on at the end of the year.  

3. Wanted Poster

Take a photograph of each child in your class and then get them to create a wanted poster with that photograph.  

4. All About Me Collage

Use Picasa to create a collage of images that show the sort of things that the children like. 


5. Roving Reporters. 

Ask children to work in pairs to interview each other.  Use a digital microphone to record the interview and take a photograph of the interviewee.  Once the interview is over put together a newspaper article with all the facts that have been collected. 



…. MacMillan Big Coffee Morning.

The MacMillan Big Coffee Morning is taking place on 26th September.  

  • Ask the children to design an invitation to send out to people they would like to invite to the coffee morning.
  • Visit the MacMillan Schools page for some templates.
  • Create posters that can be put up in the local community and on the school website.  
  • Put together a cake recipe book that could be sold at the coffee morning. 
  • Create a QR code to put on your posters which links to a page, with more details about the event, on your school website.
  • Record the event, interview people that have come along, take lots of photos and put together a slideshow.  Put the final results up on your school website. 

Next month celebrate Trafalgar Day – 21st October


Let’s share!


Showbie is an online storage site, designed to enable you to upload and share work with your class.  It has an iPad app created for it, but it can be used with android tablets (there is an app for android but it is a buggy) and Windows.  It can be managed online and you can send out documents for your class to access and edit.  The children then upload the document once they have finished with it.

Apps of the month




Animoto enables you to combine photos, clips and music to create short videos.  You can choose from a variety of styles to suit the mood you want to create with your video. 


Photo Grid

Create movies effortlessly with this app.  It enables you to take videos with your iPad and then edit them quickly and easily.  It also has slow motion, picture-in-picture and split screen effects. 



Pic Collage

With Pic Collage you can arrange your photos into different collages, add different backgrounds, stickers and text.   



Again you choose pictures to create collages and then add different backgrounds, text, speech bubbles and stickers. 

KS1 – Our Holidays

Enter data to create pictograms and then convert to tally charts, bar charts and block graphs. Use these to answer questions and write a report

Where to find the lesson:

KS1 Lessons – Geography – Going to the Seaside– Our Holidays

KS2 – Newspaper Front Page

Create a newspaper front page in Publisher using the text box and column functions. 

Where to find the lesson:

KS2 Lessons – Literacy – Non Fiction – Newspaper Front Page

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