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Impact of Tech on Schools

20As recently reported by the BBC, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has questioned the positive impact technology has on pupils learning and results. The report studied the impact of school technology on international test results and found that, of the 64 countries included, the education systems which have invested heavily in information and communications technology have no noticeable improvement in results, in fact, the countries that reported the highest usage of technology in the classroom showed a decline in students’ reading performance between 2000 and 2012.

These findings raise the question of whether schools should continue to invest in technology or if it should be removed from the classroom. Andreas Schleicher, the educational director at OECD says that the findings of this report suggests technology in the classroom has raised to many false hopes however it highlights the possibility that technology is being used in the wrong way. He insists these findings should not be used as an excuse to stop using technology in the classroom but should encourage finding the most effective way to use everything available.

Here at Turn IT On we strive to ensure technology is utilised to have the maximum impact on learning. We agree with Schleicher wanting to find the most effective use of technology as we believe when in the classroom the technology on its own is not enough, it’s about how it is used. This was the reason Turn IT On was started in 2003, to ensure that not only did schools have access to the technology available but staff also knew how best to utilise it in the classroom.

Our range of services, including Computing Support and Teaching Expert Sessions enables Turn IT On to ensure our schools have the support and understanding so that teachers can get on with teaching and children get on with learning. Our School Development team works with schools to ensure that the technology in the classroom is having the best impact on learning, developing a three year computing plan that addresses your school’s vision and priorities.

Turn IT On keeps developing schools’ technology to ensure it is always used to offer students the maximum impact on learning.

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