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Sow & Grow Project

sow and grow imageEveryone knows how important it is to ensure you get your five a day but fruit and veg aren’t always first choice when a child is looking for a snack! In a bid to encourage children to appreciate fruit and veg more innocent have teamed up with Grow It Yourself to create the Sow & Grow project.

This project is open to all schools- all you have to do is register your class here!

Once you have registered your class you will be sent a project pack in the post. Each pack contains seeds, soil, growing cups, growing guides and lesson plans. Once the pack arrives in the class you can begin working through the lesson plans to grow the seeds and keep a growing diary to see the changes as they happen. Each week throughout the project prizes will be up for grabs! Innocent will be choosing the best growing diaries each week and sending smoothies to the winning class! At the end of the project the top three growing diaries will win a selection of gardening tools to help your class continue to grow fruit and veg!

Keeping a growing diary for the progress of each child’s plant is a great opportunity to teach about diary keeping and helps children to understand the growing process as a whole. Once you have registered the class for the sow & grow project you will have access to a growing diary within the sow and grow website however the class could also use a blog or twitter account to record the project progress. A blog can be easily set up for a class through one of the many free blogging platforms available and it can be set to restricted access if you wanted to keep it only to the class. Each week the class could use the blog to document the progress they have seen. Using twitter in the classroom gives the opportunity to teach about e-safety but also teaches how to be concise and to the point, as only 140 characters are available. The platform could be used to post regular updates and exciting developments from the sow & grow project to keep other classes and parents up-to-date with the growing project.

Let us know if your school gets involved in the sow & grow project, if you decide to tweet your progress be sure to follow us so that we can share the excitement and watch your fruit and veg grow!

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