January 14, 2014 10:15 am

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I can’t teach; I’m knee-deep in water!

School flooded? Pupils (and staff) suffering from tinselitis* after the holidays? Perhaps your infant toilets got blocked on the first day back? Maybe your whiteboards stopped working over Christmas or your broadband mysteriously evaporated? Or perhaps simply no one remembered the milk for the staff room.

Whatever headache you were faced with during your first week back at school, we hope it wasn’t too drastic. Our thoughts are with many of the schools in the region whose local areas have become a lot closer to sea-level in recent weeks.

If you did return to a technical problem you should know that it needn’t have been the case. Turn IT On’s ICT support for primary schools is in place day in, day out and our local consultants make sure that their schools’ technology is all ready for each new term. In fact, we usually detect and deal with any issues before they even affect the school.

This thorough approach (which is part of our ethos) means that our schools have faith that they can leave their technology in our hands so they don’t have to worry about it over the holidays. Or at weekends, or during the evenings, for that matter. It is also why staff from our schools regularly send us feedback like this:

“I’m so glad we chose Turn IT On…I don’t know what we’d do without them!”
Pakeman Primary School, London

We can’t promise that badgers won’t hibernate in your school’s drains or that your bike shed won’t get struck by lightning. However, we can make sure your ICT is always working as it should, meaning your teachers have more time to teach and your students more time to learn during those precious first few days back. Your consultant might even pick up a pint of milk on their way in.

All the best for a prosperous 2014!

If you would like a free ICT audit at your school to take stock of your ICT for 2014 please let us know by emailing If you wish, Tim can also let you know how Turn IT On can help enhance your ICT provision.


*Tinselitis: n. the doldrums often experienced when returning to normality after the festive winter break



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