March 19, 2014 12:29 pm

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Training on e-safety at home for school parents’ evening

Andras, one of our teaching consultants, recently held an e-safety training session for the parents of one of our London schools to coincide with their parents’ evening.

The parents that dropped in let us know how useful the session was; many didn’t know the some of the best ways to protect their children online or how to report an incident.

Topics covered included:

  • Recommended parental settings on Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Free K9 web protection software
  • Metasearch search engine alternative app for iPads
  • Open DNS setting on home routers as an advanced security setting

It is of utmost importance that parents feel confident that their child can enjoy using the internet in a safe environment and as a good digital citizen. This video for eight to 10 year olds highlights some of the important issues:

If you would like to provide the parents of children at your school with similar training please let us know and we can book a free twilight training session. Email with your request and we will be in touch to book a session.

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