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Changes in Classroom Technology

Over the past two decades we have seen constant advances in the technology we use, one place where this is really evident is in schools. Back when many of our consultants were at school the technology in the classroom would have been very different to what we see now.

The excitement of children as the schools television was wheeled into their classroom ready to watch a video is now a thing of the past, these children don’t know what a VHS is!

This change is because the advances in technology offers students new things to be excited by and a learning experience very different from the one the teachers had themselves…

Since the late nineties and early noughties interactive whiteboards began appearing on the walls of classrooms replacing the chalkboards and whiteboards that had once been there. When interactive whiteboards first began appearing and teachers were expected to use them in the lessons they were often used as a direct replacement to the previous boards (often with teachers’ accidently still using the old pens and permanently marking the board!). This is when Tom Welch noticed that many of the teachers were unsure of how to use the technology now available to them and often expensive purchases were left in the box or only used at a very basic level. Tom saw that the technology had great levels of potential to enhance the students learning experience and wanted to ensure schools were seeing the value these large investments could offer to the school so in 2003 he started Turn IT On to support schools in Oxfordshire.

Thanks to the use of interactive whiteboards, interactive televisions and other future proof advances across the curriculum – the way lessons are taught has changed. The use of technology within the classroom can allow for information and content to be presented in a completely new form. For example the ability to now present from their tablet or phone on to the board allows teachers to be more mobile and engage with students within the classroom rather than stuck to the front next to the board. The content within the lessons can be presented in new and innovative ways that are constantly developing and enhancing the visual learning experience. The wide use of tablets and mobile devices in lessons allows a range of applications and options to be available to the students through another platform. If you currently use iPads in your school and would like to enhance your skills check out our iPad training course at Cotswold Wildlife Park!

With coding now part of the curriculum, introducing lots of fun and engaging ways to teach students these life skills and the potential for virtual school trips to the bottom of the ocean or space from the comfort of the classroom already beginning trialled we know that the classroom we see in years to come will be very different from the one we find ourselves in today. The Bett Show will be a great way to see what technology is available to bring into schools in the next few years and allow us all to prepare for the changes that will inevitably happen! If you would like to know more about our bus to the Bett Show click here.

Here at Turn IT On we are always striving to stay up to date with the technology that is most suited for your school. Our school development team help our schools to review their current IT situation and help them to plan what costs and expenses they are likely to face in the next five years, this ensures that all our schools can keep up-to-date and working. Alongside this our curriculum team offer training and lesson support to help teachers integrate IT across the curriculum and our technical consultants regularly visit schools to keep everything running smoothly. If you would like more information about how Turn IT On could help your school with IT please give us a call on 01865 597620.

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