June 27, 2024 3:00 pm

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Dear Schools 

First of all thank you, as ever, for being a customer of turn IT on. We never take your custom for granted and are always striving to improve the services we offer to schools.

With this in mind, you may already know that in November 2022, turn IT on acquired MIS Support specialist School ICT Services. Together we can offer an even more complete MIS and Technical support service to all our schools. In October 2023 our group acquired SalamanderSoft. Having Salamander as part of the team now allows us to integrate all your IT systems at your school – MIS, Office365, Google Workspace, door access systems and more.

Together our companies have a shared mission to “empower schools to sustainably transform the use of technology and data, to improve outcomes for all learners”. To this end we have named our group The Transforming Learning Group.

We believe that working together as a group of companies enables us to leverage the benefits of our combined expertise, whilst each individual company, (turn IT on, School ICT, and SalamanderSoft), will keep its current identity and continue to focus on its area of specialism – Technology, MIS, and Data Integration.

In line with the formation of the Transforming Learning Group, we have made some changes to our leadership team. My role will now be as CEO of the Transforming Learning Group and I am very happy to share that Tom Watson will be taking over as Managing Director of turn IT on. Tom has worked for turn IT on for over 10 years in a number of leadership roles and I know he will lead turn IT on with great expertise and real care for schools. You can find out a little more about Tom here.

We are very excited about this new chapter and everyone at turn IT on looks forward to working with you as part of the Transforming Learning Group.

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Welch


Transforming Learning Group



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