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Hour of Code


The Computer Science Education Week took place on 9th – 15th December. Thousands of students worldwide undertook coding activities.

The resources from the week are still available, and are an excellent introduction to coding. is an American website that have some of the best resources available.

Teach an Hour of Code in your classroom

Choose a tutorial for your students 

  • Check out the tutorials and pick one for your class. Tutorials will be available in as many as 20 languages.
  • Go through the tutorial yourself so you can help students during the Hour of Code.
  • Test tutorials on student computers or devices. Make sure they work properly (with sound and video).
  • Preview the congrats page to see what students will see when they finish.
  • If the tutorial you choose works best with sound, provide headphones for your class, or ask students to bring their own.

Plan ahead based on your technology available

  • Don’t have enough devices? Use pair programming. When students partner up, they help each other and rely less on the teacher. They’ll also see that computer science is social and collaborative.
  • Have low bandwidth? Plan to show videos at the front of the class, so each student isn’t downloading their own videos. Or try the unplugged / offline tutorials.

Inspire your students with some of these videos

If you want to take programming and coding further in your school, give us a ring to find out when our next teacher workshop is taking place in your area.

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