May 16, 2018 10:22 am

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Online Safety Resources our Consultants are using

Here at turn IT on our consultants are more than just technicians, as well as solving your technical problems they can offer curriculum support and advice.  As our consultants work across a wide range of schools they are always sharing the websites and resources they find in different schools with each other.

Recently the team were discussing the number of pupils using Snapchat and the questions both teachers and parents had around the app. During the discussion Damian Doyle, one of our Consultants based in Hampshire, shared this poster from National Online Safety. The poster gives an overview of what parents and carers need to know about Snapchat, including hints and tips to ensure any children using the app are using it safely.

Another website our consultants have been exploring and discussing in schools is the new ‘Be Internet Legends’ resource. Created by Google and ParnetZone this free internet safety educational resource is suitable for pupils aged 7-11. Included in the full scheme of work are PSHE Association accredited lesson plans and teaching resources, a touring assembly roadshow and an interactive online game called Interland. Schools can order the curriculum pack for free and find out more information here.

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