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January Turn IT On curriculum newsletter

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Curriculum Newsletter

January 2014

Volume 3, Issue 5

 Top 5 …..

..cross curricular Literacy ICT ideas.

 1. Algorithms in Literacy

Writing algorithms for everyday tasks in Literacy.  Presenting them in a computing style layout either using MSWord or written in their books.  Phil Bagge has some great ideas for such tasks.

2. Write your own computer adventure game.

Quest lets children make interactive story games.  They don’t need to know how to program. They just need a story to tell. Their game can be played anywhere. In a web browser, downloaded to a PC, or turned into an app. 

3. Character descriptions

Use Skitch (iPads) or wordle to create character descriptions in Literacy.  SKitch has a great many uses cross-curricularly as anything can be labelled from plants in science to properties of a shape in maths.  

4. Use Computer Games as inspiration.

It has been proven that the biggest form of entertainment in the UK is now video games.  Using something that stimulates and engages children can lead to some amazing writing. The Literacy Shed provides lots of different resources including The Video Shed where there are ideas on how you can use games in your classroom.

5. Drama with Scratch

As well as creating animations and games Scratch can be used to create a drama scene.  This maybe to tell a joke, share some historical knowledge, or talk about PHSE issues.  This could also be done using Kar2ouche if the school has access to it.



…. Big Schools Birdwatch – Starts on 20th January

Why not get involved in the Big Schools Birdwatch.  Schools are being asked to see how many birds are visiting their school grounds for one hour on any date 20/1/14 and 14/2/14 and report their findings.  Visit the RSPB website to register and find some fun activities that can be completed alongside the counting.

These activities could be incorporated alongside your survey …..

  • Take photographs of the birds seen and then put together a presentation about each bird seen.  Find a recording of the birdsong and put it into your presentation.
  • Complete surveys over a week at different times of day and interpret your data in a variety of ways. 
  • Use Google Earth to show where the birds in your school grounds might be found elsewhere around the earth.  Compare the climates.  
  • Create a branching database to identify different birds.  
  • Create a quiz about the birds seen in your school grounds. 

Next month celebrate Safer Internet Day – 11th February

Turn IT on 2013 in numbers 

After 10 years in business Turn IT on have had a close look at 2013 and come up with some fun number related facts.  

Have a look at them here

iPad Apps of the month

Paid For


This app is designed to run alongside your letters and sounds sessions and support children to develop some of the key skills in phases 1-5 of the DFeS Letters and Sounds Documents.


Phonics Tic Tac Toe

Build language skills in this fast paced game of tic-tac-toe.  The games explore vowel sounds, syllables and more. 

KS1 – Traditional Tales

Finding and viewing a Traditional Tale on a BBC website. Using this to play games, then copying and pasting a picture into Textease and writing a re-tell.

Where to find the lesson:

KS1 Lessons – Literacy – Literature – Traditional Tales

KS2 – Animating Poetry

Using animation effects in Microsoft PowerPoint to bring a poem to life.

Where to find the lesson:

KS2 Lessons – Literacy – Poetry – Animating Poetry

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